It stands for girl power.

And it’s a rallying cry for young women like you
to get into engineering and geoscience.

In Manitoba in 2019, only 17.3% of newly licensed engineers were women, 33% of newly licensed geoscientists were women, and only 1% identified as Indigenous.

That’s a problem.

This is where you come in. By taking these courses in high school, you can be a force that drives the world forward.

Your hard work is your currency.

Today, your math and science skills can get you one of these shirts.
Now just imagine what it could get you in the future.

Solve the equation to get the shirt.

Groundbreaking women
in engineering and geoscience

As women, we can achieve some pretty amazing things in the world.

Girls go the distance in engineering
and geoscience. The time is now to be the
force that drives the world forward.