of groundbreaking women
in Engineering and Geoscience

Dr. Zahra Moussavi

Biomedical Engineer
A woman on a mission and making her mark on the world. Dr. Zahra Moussavi is changing the way we diagnose and treat dementia and Alzheimer's Disease. With the help of her team, she’s created a VR program that works kind of the same way a video game does, but with a much more meaningful end result (sorry, gamers.) Using a virtual house where participants are asked to find a room inside through a clue outside, she’s able to detect early onset of both these diseases. Voilà. Memory testing just became more fun.

Alicia Hill

Mechanical Engineer-In-Training
A graduate with big goals, if we ever did see one. Enter Alicia Hill, a recent grad of the Engineering Access Program and already killing it in children’s rehabilitation, fabricating custom bracing and orthotics. Guess it’s true what they say, not all heroes wear capes; some help youth interact with their environment, participate in recreational activities, and get through daily life with more ease and comfort. Two. Thumbs. Up.

Atlanta Geleta

Mechanical Engineering Student
Drive. Passion. Skill. The keys to Atlanta’s success. Aiming to create a more environmentally conscious and sustainable future, she has led, managed, and designed electric vehicles from start to finish - all in the name of love for her community and love of helping people. Now, if that’s not impressive, we’re not sure what is.

Linda Murphy

As a geoscientist in the mineral industry and an Anishinaabe woman herself, Linda Murphy is fighting for what’s fair. She develops protocols to bridge the communication barriers between the mineral industry and Indigenous communities, right when the world needs it most. Simply put, Linda rocks. And we’re here for it.